It’s been at least eight years since my previous AMD build. During that period I mostly focused on mini-ITX systems. This build serves as a refresher on both AMD and the ATX form factor.

In line with the AMD theme, I decided to use as many stock AMD components as possible. I like it that AMD produces Radeon-branded RAM and SSDs. In order to show off the SSDs (as well as the other components), I chose Jonsbo UMX4 case, which has two 2.5″ drive mounts facing the tampered glass side panel. I want my case to look full so I bought two 240GB instead of one 480GB. Unfortunately the tint is way too dark so you can’t actually see the SSDs through the side panel unless they are well-lit 😦

You can’t claim an AMD theme without a AMD reference video card. I picked up two R9 290’s before they went out of stock. I like things that come in pairs and again, they make the case look full.

I was going to use a Corsair H100i GTX but it turned out that H100i GTX cannot be mounted at the top of UMX4 because there is not enough clearance. The cooler that came with the processor ended up working well in this case because it fits the “stock AMD” theme quite well. The cooler is loud, but this wasn’t going to be a quiet system anyways when you have two R9 290’s with the reference blower. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to the new AMD Wraith Cooler.