M93p Tiny specifications

M700 Tiny specifications

Recently picked up the Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Tiny, the successor to the M93/M93p Tiny. I have spent a couple days with it and have to say I quite like it.

M700 Tiny fixed two issues with the M93p.

  1. M93p Tiny lacks a rear audio jack. M700 has one. Both model comes with a tiny speaker inside the front panel so I see the logic of not including a rear audio jack. The problem is that the included speaker is not loud enough.
  2. The M93p Tiny supports only one storage device, a 2.5″ drive. The M700 Tiny supports two by adding a M.2 slot, 2242/2280.

Other highlights:

  • The locking mechanism of M.2 drive is nothing like what I have seen before and is extremely simple and intuitive.
  • M700 Tiny adds an additional USB port.
  • The case screw used in M700 has a smooth surface so it does not scratch the paint on the case when tightened.

Memory and hard drive/SSD upgrades are easy as usual.

See more pics of M93p in a previous post.